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stereolightning's Journal

26 March
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writer/comedian/theater nerd who dabbles in mostly-HP fanfic.

luna is my feminist icon; i'm fascinated by snape; remus lupin makes me cry. i love harry but i don't write him much because JKR already did that for us so wonderfully that i don't have much to add.

me at AO3

i like to try to write from different perspectives, as an exercise in compassion. currently i'm writing an original fantasy novel that passes the heck out of the Bechdel test.

Nice things people have said about my work:

Thanks for wrecking my emotions. -yet_intrepid

I don't know why, but I laughed so hard I started coughing! -Rainbor123

It was if you jumped head first into the world of Harry Potter and made it entirely your own! It was so original without straying from canon and you even managed to create an OC who wasn't in the least bit obnoxious! -moreofaguestage

This is heartbreaking, and astoundingly beautiful. I just...adore, ADORE your prose. You capture them both so delicately, making them fragile, and human, but totally capable of great strength and fortitiude. I love how you tell their story. -Tessiete

This is a wonderful story. Masterful plotting and insightful characterization. -Bets