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I write contemporary fantasy with a literary bent. I am currently editing my debut novel writing a second novel, a contemporary fantasy that mixes classic fairy tales, kitsch, and jazz. Additionally, I have some original stories and excerpts posted here under the tag original_fiction.

I also write fanfic for fun. If you'd like to read some of that, use these links:

Pursuit of the Jackalope Teddy + Luna + Rolf + OC (Adventure! Adolescent posturing! Pop music!)
The Punctuation of Doors Sirius + James (Somebody once described this as "brotp feels.")

Of course, all characters are property of their original (beautiful, miraculous) author; I am not making any money from that endeavor.

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Well, I've been entirely bowled over by GoT this season, most especially the soundtrack. This song in particular just brings tears to my eyes. (If ever a movie is made of Seraphina or Shadow Scale, please, please let Ramin Djawadi do the soundtrack. It's just the perfect thing for a young woman who has an affinity for dragons.) The baby agrees - this soundtrack is beautiful and exciting!


Baby is almost seven weeks old and I'm learning how to do some "normal" things again, like leave the house to get a meal or pick up groceries. It's a whole new world, this side of birth. The birth itself was not what I hoped for - not quick and natural - there were blood transfusions and drugs and stitches - but we got through it and I'm so happy to have this kid at home with me, growing, warm, learning to smile. I likely won't write much fic for a while yet - I'm typing this literally on the changing table which is the only comfortable way to type with a baby strapped to my chest - but I'm enjoying revisiting some old favorite fics here and there on my phone while nursing. I'm also trying to read a poem to the kid each day - she smiles at the rhymes. Today maybe we'll do some Old Possum's (TS Eliot) cat poems.

It's funny about all the "baby gear" and all the ideas I had about what we would need - the nice cloth diapers I bought are still way too big, and most of the toys... she doesn't care about them yet. The most valuable things have been the baby carrier that snuggles her up to me while I do other things, the changing table (our backs were killing us after 10 days without one), and velcro swaddle blankets (I can't do a tight swaddle with a regular blanket to save my life, and this kid loves to kick!). We swaddle her up and watch Game of Thrones and it's sort of like a bizarre slumber party - it still feels like we have this funny little guest in the house.

a nerd is born, or will be

Well, this loaf of bread is just about to come out of the oven. I'm having a little baby girl in a couple more weeks, and we're all excited. Probably won't post anything more for a while. How soon is too soon to introduce kids to Harry Potter audiobooks? She's already been listening to them while she gestates. :) 

It's All Up!

Our Remus/Sirius Beauty and the Beast story is here, in its entirety!

Synopsis: A man with nowhere else to turn agrees to live forever in a remote mansion that exists in perpetual autumn, his host a reclusive character known only as the Beast. By turns attentive and taciturn, the monstrous lord of the house keeps his dark secrets close to his chest, yet both host and guest find themselves increasingly captivated by one another. But how can a Beast give his heart while he remains a prisoner of his own curse?

A fusion of Harry Potter with Beauty and the Beast, told in seven chapters.
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It's coming...

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Since back sometime in April (almost half a year ago!) stereolightning and I have been working on a really fun co-written fic, a much longer and more involved story than we've done together before. It's now done and will start posting as soon as I give it a last read-through. Watch this space!

Goodbye, Singing Troll

I'm in the habit of printing out my whole manuscript about once a month and reading through it to see what I need to change in a big picture way. I take it to a coffee shop and drink a lot of tea and go through the whole thing with a red pen.

I did this today. And I realized I have a scene in there that - while I loved writing it for NaNo - isn't right for the story. It is too juvenile. I am going to have to cut the whole thing and turn it into something else. (Sigh.) I loved writing it in November, and it made me smile a lot, but it's just not right for YA - it's more like middle grade, a bit too innocent, and not challenging enough for the protagonist. So - goodbye singing troll moment! Goodbye wistful troll song. I'm going to have to have a long think about what goes there instead.

But I'll fondly remember that week during NaNo where I walked around my apartment singing the troll's song aloud, and hummed it in the parking garage at work...

the great migration

Well, I've structured my whole book in Scrivener, and as of today I've moved the whole thing back into a conventional word processor. Ah, it's so comforting to have that normal interface, with its formatting buttons! A little annoying to have to scroll to wherever I need to be versus one-click, but I feel more creative and free in this familiar, less technologically awesome program. This is how I am going to flesh out the last couple of scenes, and fortify what I already have with prettier language.

I'm going to finish this first draft by end of May. So stoked to share it with more folks and make it even better in future revisions. I'm pretty proud of what's there so far.

And now I'm in the mood for some Luna fic! I'm going to go hunt some down. :)